24 Hrs To Getting Prospects To Call YOU Wanting Your Services
...all without complicated or costly strategies.

Thee #1 Secret To Getting Prospects In Your Service Area To Call YOU.
...without spending thousands upfront leaving you wondering if you’ll ever see profits.

We are known for delivering a predictable stream of quality leads
We are the creator of Leadgen Champion helping Partner’s become more profitable thru proprietary marketing strategies.
For the past year we have become obsessed with how to deliver company's more customers.  Spent hundreds of hours learning and testing many strategies.  We have discovered only few methods actually work.  How this will be beneficial to you is that we will share the BEST method to getting you more customers saving you time and money.

Here’s What You’ll Learn.
How to get more clients so you can grow your business.
How to structure your marketing budget without worrying about losing money so you can focus on you expanding your business.
How to avoid outdated expensive marketing strategies so you can finally achieve the results you want without having to listen to another so called marketing expert and wasting more money on techniques that don’t work.
The NEW way to get customers.
Why This Is Important To You NOW
Most marketing techniques we’ve learned are DEAD WRONG.
The cost of marketing is going thru the roof.
In addition, marketing spaces are getting more and more competitive.
Finally, with the costs of traditional marketing increasing along with the rise of competition in your market space we are sure you are witnessing your profits shrinking.
If any of these are concerning you we can help you.

Is This For You?

If you’re spending long hours slaving away at your business and investing a small fortune on marketing with little to no results then, this is for you.

If you want to be satisfied knowing that your marketing dollars are helping you grow your business while working less, this is for you.
If you’re worried about the rising costs of marketing caused by increasing competition this is for you because you’re going to discover a profitable method to get 20-50 new customers per month that your competition does not know about.

House Rules
No “get rich quick”
No “do nothing, get paid”
You must offer excellent service.

If you don’t have a system to answer incoming phone calls then I cannot help you.
If you have weak sales skills to close interested prospects then I cannot help you.
Most  fail when they try new marketing techniques because they lack the ability to follow up with the leads and close them.

What Makes Us Different?
SEO versus Us?
SEO is necessary we just get you there faster
Facebook Ads versus Us?
Interruption marketing…
FB ads are good we just get you there faster for less cost
Google AdWords versus Us?
Diversify Your Income Streams
If you had heart problems who would you visit?
You would see a heart specialist

We Specialize In One Thing...
Our business model is simple.
We give busy businesses exactly what they want… more customers!
We deliver exclusive calls NEVER shared leads
There are no long term contracts or commitments.
We prefer to start slow.. like a first date
Charge per qualified call.
You have instant access to all incoming call data: phone number, time, and recording.

We Specialize In One Thing...
We don’t just work with anyone.
Like you we only want to partner up with professionally operated businesses.
Here are some basic characteristics we look for in a business partner.
You must answer your phone.
Good at converting prospects into customers.
MUST Provide Excellent Service

Do we offer free leads to test our service out?
We do offer 100% Money Back Guaranteed
Limited # of leads so we can ONLY work with ONE business for each Vertical within a City.

If you qualify here is what you get:
We require our partners to:
Are you willing to partner up and get paid on a percentage of closed sales?
No.  We are in the business of delivering qualified calls NOT partnering up.
We do price our qualified calls so both parties make a profit:)
Do you offer a free trial?
We do offer to start small. For example, with 10 calls.  Recall we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
How do I know which phone calls are coming from you?
You will be given access to check all call tracking online.  Including: time of call, phone number, recording, and if the phone call was answered or not.

Limited # of leads so we can ONLY work with ONE business for each Vertical within a City.
We require our partners:
Answer their phone during business hours.
Have experience in converting qualified prospects into customers.
Provide excellent service to their customers.


Email us for your Login to the Partner site.

Login to the Partner site.

(Fund, View and Listen to your Calls received.  Keep a positive balance to avoid being suspended.)